Current WIP: Digital Double

I need to update my Artstation and blog more often. This is my current work in progress. It's a digital double of a friend of mine based on a 3D scan. Any feedback I can get from the community would be great. I'm already aware of the fact that the eyelids don't hug the eyeball very well. And they're looking really reddish so I have to dial that back a little. Next phase is hair.

I also have a question, just in case anyone with experience reads this: I have blend shapes for all his expressions as well as separate scans which have all been Wrap3'd with the same identical basemesh. Is there a way to load them in to ZBrush as layers of this original ZTool? Thanks for looking at my work!

P.S. the jacket is a placeholder I got from 3DScanStore. I didn't make it and don't claim credit for it. We'll be scanning my friend's body/outfit at a later time.