How to bring characters into Unreal Engine

I've been trying to teach myself Unreal Engine lately and it's been frustrating to try to find tutorials that are complete and comprehensive, but are simple and easy to follow, and yet still take the time to explain the "why" behind every step. So I decided to make my own! If you are experienced with character modeling but you're a complete beginner at Unreal Engine, I've written this tutorial for you. I tried to keep it casual and simple without glossing over details or breezing past important concepts. If this helps you out, let me know! 

Current WIP: Digital Double

I need to update my Artstation and blog more often. This is my current work in progress. It's a digital double of a friend of mine based on a 3D scan. Any feedback I can get from the community would be great. I'm already aware of the fact that the eyelids don't hug the eyeball very well. And they're looking really reddish so I have to dial that back a little. Next phase is hair.

I also have a question, just in case anyone with experience reads this: I have blend shapes for all his expressions as well as separate scans which have all been Wrap3'd with the same identical basemesh. Is there a way to load them in to ZBrush as layers of this original ZTool? Thanks for looking at my work!

P.S. the jacket is a placeholder I got from 3DScanStore. I didn't make it and don't claim credit for it. We'll be scanning my friend's body/outfit at a later time.

I'm on a grail quest. Photorealism WIP

For the past week or two, I've been working on a project. This is mostly R&D for myself. It's very heavily a work in progress, so I'm open to whatever comments and critiques you guys can give me. So far only the ZBrush sculpt itself is finalized. The skin diffuse color and the eyes are all quick temporary polypaints, just so I dont feel like I'm staring at a grey alien while I work on the displacement and specular. The model itself is based on scan data of a friend of mine that I had to clean up. The fine details are a mix of hand sculpting and displacement maps from Surface Mimic. I'm very happy with it so far, but I have a long way to go yet. This will be my first attempt at a stylish hair cut, so I'm excited about that.

Here's a dump of my WIP shots so far.



I won an Emmy!

A short film I worked on called 'Daisy Belle'  won 5 Emmys! One of which was for my work on the animation. It was just the regionals so the next step is to move on to the big leagues. I'm honored to receive the award and excited to see if we move on!

Oh dang! I won Best VFX at the San Diego Film Awards!

'Daisy Belle', a little short film I worked on last year won 5 awards at San Diego Film Week. Best VFX (That's me on the right), Best Production Design (the girl in blue is the best artist I know), Best Musical Score (The guy next to her is a musical wizard), Best Editing (The guy in the velvet jacket is genius...a weird genius), and lastly we won the big award. Best Narrative Short Film!

Next up, the Emmy's in May!